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We’re known for our excellent customer service with a personal touch. Looking for opticians in Bromley? Search no further than The Bromley Eye Centre. We offer various eye care services, including eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lens fittings.

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We pride ourselves on being a trusted source for all your eye care needs. Come and visit us today to see why we’re the go-to optician in Bromley.


OCT scans

We can provide OCT scans with premium glaucoma detection technology.



We use the latest technology to capture a super ultra-wide view of your retina.


Corneal topography

We can diagnose corneal problems and assist with complex contact lens fittings.


Myopia Management

We offer a number of solutions for people who are myopic.


Contact lenses

Including complex fittings such as Ortho K, MiSight Lenses & Miyosmart



We stock hundreds of glasses from the most popular and luxury brands.

OCT Scans

OCT scans are a premium glaucoma detection technology that can help you to manage your eye health better. OCT scans are quick and painless, providing your doctor with valuable information about your eyes.


Optomap is a sophisticated imaging system that allows us to take a high-resolution image of your retina. We detect early signs of potential eye problems and monitor the progression of conditions more effectively.

Corneal Topography

It is used to diagnose and treat various eye conditions, including astigmatism, keratoconus, and other irregularities of the cornea. The procedure is painless and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Myopia Management

With myopia management, patients often have an increased sense of confidence and well-being as it helps improve vision quality and decreases the risk of future eye problems.

Contact Lenses

See clearly without the hassle of wearing eyeglasses. We provide complex fittings such as Ortho K, MiSight Lenses, and Miyosmart.


We have a selection of frames from the most popular brands that will suit your face shape and style.


Our Eye Centre in Bromley

We are an independent opticians offering high quality eyecare

Our qualified team is committed to providing patients with the best service possible, focussing on efficiency, friendliness, and fairness. We compete on quality rather than price, to ensure we can offer first-class eyecare and honest, well-informed advice.

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Our highly trained and experienced team is always happy to answer any questions you may have about your eyesight. Send us a message, call us on 020 8466 8333 or visit us at the practice.

ZEISS lenses with anti-reflection coating

The lenses we choose to use come from ZEISS, the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics

We are able to offer lenses from their entire range, including the state of the art smartlife portfolio – built to accommodate today’s fast paced lifestyle, visual behaviour, and even individual age related needs. The ZEISS lenses are optimised for comfortable wear, good peripheral clarity, and feature a high performance duravision platinum hard coating.



Featured Brand

Lindberg is an eyewear brand known for its clean Danish design, high-quality materials, and workmanship. Lindberg is dedicated to creating high-quality glasses that are both fashionable and comfortable, and their innovative designs have earned them a loyal following among those who appreciate fine eyewear.

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