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Choosing the right Contact Lenses for you

Modern contact lenses are comfortable, convenient and affordable. Our optometrists will help you choose the right type for your individual circumstances.

Our wide range of lenses includes:


Soft Disposable

Wear during the day and remove at night. Choose either daily, fortnightly or monthly disposables.


Gas Permeable

These lenses have replaced the original ‘hard’ lenses. They’re durable and healthier.


Silicone Hydrogel

Allowing more oxygen to the eye, these soft lenses can be worn overnight for up to 30 continuous days.


Toric Lenses

Designed to correct astigmatisms. Choose either daily, fortnightly or monthly disposables.


Multifocal Lenses

For those needing help to see close and distant objects.


Coloured Lenses

To change your eye colour. Available with or without a prescription, you can wear these lenses to change the colour of your eyes.


Contact Lenses Via Post

We can arrange for your lenses to be delivered in the mail – saving you the time and hassle of picking them up from our practice.

We’ll deliver your lenses at suitable intervals so you never run out.

Contact Lens Direct Debit

We offer a direct debit service for contact lenses

By paying the price of your lenses every month, you will receive the lenses shipped directly to your home, along with a full supply of any cleaning solutions you may require. Further, all appointments you have with us will be complementary while you are using our Direct debit scheme.


Do you have a question for us?

Send us a message, call us on 020 8466 8333 or visit us at the practice.

Contact Lens Consultation

Contact lenses are ideal for either daily or occasional use. They offer excellent all round vision and are a convenient alternative to glasses.

It’s important to choose lenses that are right for you. Our optometrists will give you expert guidance and help you make an informed decision. Once you have selected the right lenses for your lifestyle or working environment, your optometrist will teach you how to insert and remove your new lenses. You’ll also learn about sensible eye care routines.

Initially you’ll wear your lenses for a trial period. A follow up appointment will be made to assess how your eyes have responded. Regular contact lenses checks will be arranged to make sure your lenses are comfortable and your eyes healthy.


Corneal Topography

Corneal topography produces a detailed, visual description of the shape and power of the cornea.

This type of analysis provides your doctor with very fine details regarding the condition of the corneal surface. These details are used to diagnose, monitor, and treat various eye conditions. They are also used in fitting contact lenses and for planning surgery, including laser vision correction.

For laser vision correction the corneal topography map is used in conjunction with other tests to determine exactly how much corneal tissue will be removed to correct vision and with what ablation pattern.

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