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The best eye care we can provide

The health of your eye is as important to us as it is to you

As well as finding your new prescription, our experienced optometrists will take into account your lifestyle, work, and home environment, and carry out an in depth health check-up using our hospital grade equipment to ensure that your eyes receive the best care we can possibly provide.


Catching early signs of disease

Regular eye tests are key to maintaining your good health

Frequent examinations will allow us to catch early signs of diseases such as Glaucoma, and Macular Degeneration, meaning that we can start you down the best path to managing your symptoms. Optometrists are also often the first to spot signs of some diseases outside of the eye. Diabetes, high cholesterol, and cancer are all diseases that our optometrists can pick up on through a routine eye examination, in some cases even before the symptoms become apparent elsewhere.

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When to Get an Eye Test

You should get an eye test once every few years, even if you don’t have any symptoms or problems. How often you should go increases as you age:


20 – 29 years old: every five years


40 – 54 years old: every two to four years


55 – to 64 years old: every one to three years


65 years old onward: every one to two years

Depending on the number of tests and which tests they perform, a typical eye exam can last 30 minutes to an hour.

You should also get an eye exam if:


You have a high risk for eye diseases

Factors that increase the risk include a family history of eye diseases, diabetes, a visually demanding job, contact lenses, and having had eye surgery in the past.


Your vision is getting worse

Visit an eye doctor if you struggle to read road signs or bring text close to your face.


You suspect you have allergies

If your eyes redden, burn, or itch for seemingly no reason, it may be an allergic reaction.

The Various Types of Eye Exams

The following are some of the most common eye tests:


Visual Acuity Exam

Visual acuity tests assess how clear your vision is. These use a projected eye chart and a hand-held acuity chart to determine your near and distance visual acuity, respectively.


Ocular Alignment Exam

Also known as the “cover test”, this test is especially helpful in checking for strabismus or lazy eye. You will be asked to concentrate on a small object across the room while the doctor alternately covers each of your eyes.


Ocular Motility Exam

This test is done to see how well your eyes can track a moving object, switch swiftly between two targets, and fixate on each of them precisely. It is essential to identify any eye movement issues as they may impair other skills, such as reading and sports vision, and cause eye strain.


Colour Blindness Exam

During a check-up, the doctor can perform a screening test to assess your colour vision and check for colour blindness. These can uncover hereditary colour vision deficits as well as any eye health issues that could directly impact your colour vision.

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Protect your eyes and detect diseases early to prevent vision loss.

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