How to Stop Losing Your Glasses


Ever spent far too long searching for your glasses, only to find them in some unexpected place? If that frustrating routine sounds familiar, it’s time to change the game. Misplacing your glasses doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. Let’s explore some smart solutions to keep your specs where they belong:

How to Stop Losing Your Glasses

Use a Lanyard

Sometimes, the simplest tools are the most reliable. A glasses lanyard keeps your specs close at hand, ready for action. And hey, there are even stylish lanyard options out there now, so you can rock the practical look without sacrificing style.

The Case for Protection

Think of a glasses case as your specs’ trusty sidekick. It shields them from scratches, bumps, and the mysterious forces that seem to swallow up small objects. Plus, a sturdy case is easier to find than loose glasses, especially if you pick one in a bold colour.

Base Camp for Your Specs

Train yourself to return your glasses to the same designated spot every time you take them off. Not just any spot, but a place of honour—a brightly coloured case on your nightstand, a special tray by the door, wherever works best for your routine.

Let It Glow!

In the realm of lost objects, a little glow-in-the-dark paint can be your guiding light. A quick touch on your frames can transform a nighttime search into a simple glowstick quest.

Technology to the Rescue

The age of tiny tracking devices is upon us, so why not take advantage of it? If you frequently misplace your glasses, consider a Bluetooth tracker that attaches to your frames. Connect it to your phone, and when your glasses go rogue, the app helps you pinpoint their location.

Are You Due for Some New Specs?

The Bromley Eye Centre is here to help. Whether your prescription has changed or you want to explore stylish new frames, our expert team can guide you to the perfect pair of glasses—ones you’ll love wearing and won’t want to lose.

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