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At The Bromley Eye Centre, we want to make sure that you receive the best possible care, without compromise. Our commitment to quality means you’ll always receive eye care you can trust – whether that’s a routine eye exam, treatment for an eye condition, or advice with finding the prefect pair of glasses. If you’re looking for a quality-focused opticians near Purley, we are the right choice for you.

Care for Your Eyes, For All Ages

Wrestling with poor eyesight is more than a minor inconvenience – from impairing your daily functioning to increased risk of accidents, having poor vision comes with a variety of challenges. Furthermore, choosing the right glasses can be a daunting task, considering its influence on your perception and appearance, we empathise with the anxiety and importance of making the right choice.

We are passionate about helping you in your journey with your eye health, our care is here to enable you to be confident – that’s why our team of highly experienced optical specialist will ensure that you receive the highest standard of quality – from preventative care to complex treatments, our experienced opticians can help you with general eye care, as well as specialised services such as OCT, Optomap, Ortho K therapy, and Myopia management.

Opticians Purley
Purley Opticians

Is it time to have your Eyes checked?

Ensuring your eye health means regular visits to the optician, regardless of existing issues. Here’s how often you should schedule appointments based on your age:

  • Every 5 Years (20-29 years old)
  • Every 2-4 Years (40-54 years old)
  • Every 1-3 Years (55-64 years old)
  • Every 1-2 Years (65 years and older)

Visit your optician immediately if you have:

  • Higher risk of eye diseases, such as diabetes or visually demanding job
  • Been wearing contact lenses.
  • Worsening eyesight
  • Eye allergies or sore eyes

Different Types of Eye Exam for Disease Detection

Planning to visit our eye clinic for assessments? Here are some of the eye tests we can offer:

Visual Acuity Exam

Evaluates the sharpness of your vision. Using both a projected eye chart and a hand-held acuity chart to determine your near and distance visual acuity.

Colour Blindness Exam

Evaluate your colour vision and identify any colour blindness or hereditary colour vision deficiencies. This screening test can also detect any eye health issues that could directly impact your colour vision.

The Ocular Motility Exam

Assesses your eyes’ ability to track moving objects, shift focus between two targets, and fixate on each of them to evaluate your eyes’ agility.

Ocular Alignment Exam

Detects strabismus or lazy eye. You will be instructed to focus on a small object across the room while the optician alternately covers and uncovers each of your eyes.

Book a Consultation Today

Your vision is of the utmost importance, and at The Bromley Eye Centre, we are dedicated to preserving and improving it. Schedule an appointment with our opticians near Purley today.

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