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Optomap - The advanced way to examine your eyes

Our state-of-the art Optomap retinal exams offer you the very best eye care.

The cutting edge equipment takes a detailed digital image of the back of each eye in less than a second. Our skilled optometrists can then examine areas of your retina that are difficult to see with conventional equipment.

Fast, painless, enlightening

Optomap scans are quick and comfortable. There’s no need to dilate your pupil or touch your eyes. The detailed images enable our optometrists to assess your eyes with complete confidence. We can even show you a 3D image of your retina.


Extra reassurance at no extra cost

Advance Optomap screening is part of our private eye exam – so there’s no extra charge for this service.

Images are stored so we can refer back to them and monitor your ongoing eye health.

As one of the most significant advances in eye screening technology for years, we recommend all patients have regular Optomap scans.

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Optomap versus conventional scan


Optomap captures 80% of your retina in one image


Traditional methods typically reveal only 10-15%

Your eye is a mirror of your health

Because Optomap scans are so detailed, we can pick up serious eye conditions and general health problems more quickly.

The earlier these illnesses are detected, the higher the chance of successful treatment.


More information about Optomap

Your retina is a window to your health. They allow opticians to see any potential health risks because your blood vessels are visible in your retinas; your eyes are the only part of your body where you can see your blood vessels. Due to this, your optician can see early signs of health conditions such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

In order to get a good understanding of your eyes, we use ultra-widefield retinal imaging. This incredible laser technology allows us to see over 80% of the retina. To put this into context, traditional imaging methods only show around 15% of the retina. So, it’s well worth opting for an Optomap scan.

Optomap scans are quick, easy and painless. The laser technology quickly scans your eyes and capture an image of your retina. The image of your retina is captured without anything touching your eyes, so it’s a non-intrusive practice. This means that it’s safe for the whole family to use. We encourage children to get Optomap scans done because this allows us to see and prevent any developing issues.

In most cases, we don’t need to give dilating eyedrops; however, this depends on what the practitioner advises. The scanner will capture images of your retina in less than a second and the images will be available immediately. The Optomap is made up of three scans that use different wavelengths. This allows us to identify any issues throughout the layers of your retina.

There are many reasons why getting an Optomap retinal exam is beneficial, including:

Protection: Optomap Scans allows us to see early stages of blindless and other vision impairments. By identifying these issues early on, we can help protect your eyes from blindness and other visual impairment issues.

Detection: Optomap scans also identify other health issues, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

It’s due to these benefits that we encourage our patients to undergo Optomap scans. You can do this at your comprehensive eye exam. Book your appointment today for your Optomap scan.

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