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Philippe Starck is well known for his innovative product and architectural designs. His exciting eyewear range is just as creative as the work he is famous for.

Design, technology and materials are what make Starck’s eyewear collection truly unique. The below are just a couple of the key attributes:

Biolink – a patented micro articulation ensures the frames offer comfort and protection. It allows for over 50,000 movements meaning you can pull, stretch and twist the temples and they won’t break, ensuring longevity.

Bioox: The ergonomic temple – the slightly upward endtip matches the wearer’s headshape to perfection and self adjusts naturally to every kind of headshape, providing comfort and stability.

Gravity – Starck eyes presents a totally new material in the eyewear industry known as Gravity! A high performance polymer, used in a great deal of high-tech industries, ensures resistance, flexibility and sustainability

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