Should You Wear Sunglasses in Winter?


Wearing sunglasses is often misconstrued as a necessity reserved for scorching summer days. People often overlook the pervasive risks of neglecting eye protection during cooler months. Contrary to popular belief, harmful UV rays persist in winter, posing a significant threat to eye health.

The misconception that sunglasses are exclusively a summertime accessory couldn’t be further from the truth. Findings in a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information shed light on these risks. They make a compelling case for year-round eye protection.

In this blog, we’re here to do the same. Let’s explore the reasons why you should wear sunglasses even in winter.

should-you-wear-sunglasses-in-winter-1UV Protection Knows No Season

While the intensity of the sun’s rays might diminish in winter, UV radiation remains a constant threat. The snow-covered landscape acts as a natural reflector, bouncing UV rays back towards your eyes. This reflection, known as snow blindness, can cause temporary vision impairment and discomfort.

Sunglasses with UV protection serve as a shield, mitigating the risk of UV-related eye damage during winter.

Prevent Snow Blindness

Snow-covered surfaces intensify the sun’s glare, leading to a condition known as snow blindness or photokeratitis. This painful condition results from overexposure to UV rays, causing inflammation of the cornea. Wearing sunglasses with sufficient UV protection in winter acts as a preventive measure against snow blindness, ensuring your eyes remain comfortable and healthy.

Shield from Harsh Winds

Winter often brings biting winds that can irritate and dry out your eyes. Sunglasses act as a barrier, shielding your eyes from the harsh winter winds and preventing excessive evaporation of moisture.

Combat Glare and Reduced Visibility

The low winter sun combined with reflective surfaces can create intense glare, hampering visibility and potentially causing accidents. Polarised sunglasses, in particular, reduce glare and enhance contrast, making it safer to navigate winter landscapes, especially during activities like driving or skiing.

Elevate Your Style

Embrace winter with flair by making sunglasses your go-to accessory. Beyond shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays, sunglasses add a touch of sophistication to your winter ensemble. By wearing sunglasses in winter, you prove that fashion and function can seamlessly coexist in the colder months.

Opticians Ensuring Eye Health in Winter

Do people wear sunglasses in winter? The answer is a resounding yes. Beyond the warmth of summer rays, the winter sun brings challenges to eye health. Sunglasses equipped with UV protection are indispensable for safeguarding your eyes from UV radiation, snow blindness, harsh winds, and glare.

So, make a fashion-forward and health-conscious choice by wearing sunglasses in winter and consulting the opticians at The Bromley Eye Centre. Our team ensures your vision stays clear and vibrant throughout the colder season. Schedule your appointment today!

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