Why is Eye Health Important?


Let me guess, you spend most of your work hours staring at your computer screen. Arriving home, you decided to reconnect with your friends or relatives through a video call. Then, you spend the rest of the night scrolling through your social media feed until you fall asleep.

why-is-eye-health-importantIn the digital age, many of us are forgetting why eye health is important. Many of us have incorporated activities that strain our eyes into our daily routines without realising that disregarding proper eye care can lead to several visual impairments.

One European study revealed that as many as 77% of UK adults experience eye strain after a long day of work.

Below are just a few reasons why eye health is important, especially for working adults:

Workplace Safety

Having good vision is critical for jobs that demand accurate distance perception such as driving and operating heavy equipment.

Good Job Performance

Good eyesight ensures that you perform your duties well, especially for those who work in visually-demanding jobs. Disregarding your eye care needs can lead to premature vision impairments which will affect the way you handle your daily tasks.

Improved Quality of Life

Maintaining good eye health can improve our daily activities and overall quality of life. Poor vision can lead to frustration, decreased productivity, and even depression.

Prevention of Visual Impairments

Proper eye health is crucial in preventing several eye conditions. Certain eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts can lead to permanent vision loss when left untreated. Regular eye tests are crucial in detecting and treating these conditions before they progress and cause irreversible damage.

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Maintaining good eye health is important, especially for professionals working on visually demanding jobs. It is vital to have regular eye exams, take appropriate corrective measures, and practice good eye care habits, such as wearing protective eyewear and avoiding eye strain.

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